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For the foreseeable future all sessions are virtual.

You have the choice of using the secure online video platform or a phone session.


Step 1: FREE Consultation

Use the link below to book a FREE 15 min consultation. I’ll call you at the scheduled time. This is an opportunity to ask questions and to find out what I have to offer you. I’ll keep this as easy as possible. I’m easy to talk to, I promise.

Book A Consultation

Book An Appointment

Step 2: Book an Appointment

At the end of the 15 min consult, you’ll have the opportunity to book a full session.

Before the first session, you’ll receive an email with the following:

  • simple directions on how to set up your account
  • a link to consent form detailing need to know info

Book An Appointment

Your First Appointment

Step 3: Your First Session

If we scheduled a phone call, I’ll call you at the scheduled time at the provided phone number.

If we scheduled a video session, follow the link from the previous email sent & hit ‘join’ session. I’ll see you there.

Shortly after the session, your credit card will be charged & a receipt with my registration number will be emailed to you. If you’re using insurance, all the info needed will be on this receipt.

NOTE: I’m a punctual person, but please be aware some delays are unavoidable. If I’m a couple minutes late, please know I’m finishing up with another client and will be with you shortly.

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