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Anxiety is a pain in the ass.

It’s also a normal human response… sometimes.

When we unpack & live in it, that’s when anxiety becomes problematic. If we’re experiencing anxiety, we’re no longer in the moment (the present). We’re either thinking about what has already happened (the past) or what has yet to happen (the future).

Anxiety is fear-based. Yup. Fear of what has happened or what may happen in the future.

Anxiety tricks us into feeling productive.

Because our brains are busy worrying & planning, it gives us the illusion of being in control.

The reality is, our brains are just busy being busy. If we could control the outcome, we wouldn’t be anxious.


I’ve had an anxious brain & for most of my life. It caused me to stay small, to colour carefully within the lines.

It kept me fearful, stuck & too afraid to go after my dreams, speak my mind, or live my best life.

It’s interesting because until I got into the field of mental health, I would have never labelled myself anxious. I would have probably labelled myself as a worrier or a planner or efficient. But really, my thinking was way too rigid to be a skill set.

Anxiety & worry give us the illusion that we somehow have control over our external lives.

If I worry about it enough, I can avoid a negative result, I can avoid pain, I can avoid failure.

What actually happens is we experience the opposite of control. If things don’t go as planned, we can become undone & inflexible. Sometimes anxiety looks like anger, frustration or bitchiness. Regardless, it all comes from the same place – fear. Fear of failure, fear of judgement, fear of not being good enough, fear of pain.

Want to create a life you love?

Want to worry less, stress less and move through life with greater ease & enjoyment?

Me too!

I’ll help you move through your anxious thoughts by teaching you the tools that have worked for me and many clients.

I provide solid information & skills without judgement. You can access this information in a variety of ways. Sign up for one on one online coaching, purchase courses and/or access the free information throughout this website.

I’ve listed resources, written blog posts and have created a free Facebook group. You can also follow us on Instagram too.

If your goal is to live your best life, you’re at the right place.

Calming Current will share proven strategies to reframe, redirect & challenge anxious thoughts. How to get out of your own way and smash limiting beliefs to create a life you love.

The basis for this is the theory that our thoughts create our feelings and our feelings dictate our actions. Since feelings are neither right nor wrong, we’ll look at our thoughts. When we can catch the thought, challenge it & flip it, our feelings will automatically change in response.

When we think better, we feel better, and we do better.

Our thoughts are programmed into us from birth so sometimes they’re hard to catch. They’re automatic thoughts. Every time we catch an automatic thought & replace it with an intentional thought, we create a new thought pattern in the brain. That’s a win! And a foundational skill needed to create a life you love.

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