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  • Anxiety

    Anxiety Now (Living with an anxious brain during a pandemic)

    I have anxiety. We could talk about why I have (and have had for as long as I can remember) an anxious brain but that would be too time consuming... right now. ...

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  • distorted thinking

    Cognitive Distortions

    It's common to experience distorted thinking. The difficult part is being aware when it’s happening. ...

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  • failure, anxiety, healing


    This fear, this anxiety, kept me in opposition of who I really wanted to be. It kept me small, it kept me fearful. ...

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  • betrayal discovery, sex addiction, betrayal to-do list

    Discovery To-Do List

    Once you have discovered your partner's betrayal, you may feel stuck, frozen, overwhelmed, chaotic.  This discovery to-do list was created to help guide you through the initial shell shock & devastation. It's a clear & concise step by step ...

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  • overwhelm, holiday season


    We live in a society where being in overwhelm is considered the norm.  We over schedule & over achieve while trying to be everything to everyone.  It. Is. Exhausting. Especially this time of year & more so if you're in a relationshi ...

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  • Female Sex Addicts

    It’s not just men who struggle with sex addiction.  Women may use sex to cope with pain & limiting core beliefs too.  There are many myths and untruths surrounding women & sex addiction.   However, it’s difficult to dete ...

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