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Posted on November 29th, 2018 in Addiction, Sex Addiction

It’s not just men who struggle with sex addiction. 

Women may use sex to cope with pain & limiting core beliefs too. 

There are many myths and untruths surrounding women & sex addiction.   However, it’s difficult to determine truth from fiction when women are less likely to report so statistics are limited.  

What we do know is: 

addiction doesn’t discriminate.

Of course women can be addicted to sex!  It’s the stigma and untruths that create barriers making it harder for women to reach out for help. More and more resources are becoming available to male addicts and their partners but what about the specific problems female sex addicts experience such as:

➡️ risk of pregnancy

➡️ increased societal stigma, shame & judgement

➡️ increased isolation

➡️ increased risk of violence

To the women reading this that are questioning their sexual behaviours –

you’re not alone. 

Be brave, reach out and get the help  you deserve.  If you’re reading this and are unsure if your sexual activity is problematic; complete the inventory below for a better understanding:


Other criteria to consider when identifying sex addiction according to Psychology Today is as follows:

  1. The inability to control a sexual behavior (such as an inability to stop in spite of promises to self or others to do so, in spite of periods of being able to stop).

  2. Continued behavior in spite of negative consequences (such as terror or shame, decreased work productivity, financial strain, loss of relationship, depression, substance or food abuse).

  3. Obsessive thoughts in planning or obtaining sex (neglecting family, relationship, or career because of time spent preoccupied with sex or sexual partners).


As more women choose to  seek help for sex addiction, more supports will become available.  When looking for a therapist or counsellor, look for someone specifically trained in sex addiction.

Working through shame is hard, but living in shame is harder.

For understanding the shame that can sometimes act as a barrier to seeking help, check out Brene Brown’s article shame v. guilt: 


You’ve got this.❤️


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