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  • failure, anxiety, healing


    This fear, this anxiety, kept me in opposition of who I really wanted to be. It kept me small, it kept me fearful. ...

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  • Setting Boundaries.

    Boundary setting is about recognizing your values, needs and wants are important.  Boundary setting is not about punishing anyone.  When we have clear boundaries and consistent follow through, your loved one is forced to accept responsibi ...

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  • Signs & Symptoms of Betrayal Trauma

    Betrayal Trauma …is the kind of trauma in which a person feels betrayed by the very person (or people) he or she trusts and depends on.  As a result of this type of betrayal, some tell tale signs will appear. More specifically, disc ...

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  • 10 Ways to Practice Self Care

    1️⃣ Lower Your Expectations If you have recently discovered that your loved one is a sex addict … it usually comes with the discovery that they have been doing a whole bunch of things that have shocked & shattered your heart. We d ...

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  • Is There Hope?

    Is there hope for my sex addicted partner? Is there hope for me? These questions come up quite often … and understandably so. The quick answer is YES.  There is hope.  Regardless of whether the relationship with the person experiencing ...

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  • What Does Sex Addiction Discovery-Recovery Look Like?

    Healing looks and feels different for each of us.   Have you ever experienced the death of a loved one?  The feelings associated with discovering that your partner is a sex addict can be quite similar.  Many partners report feeling like ...

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