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Love, Betrayal, and Beyond

Information Guide for Partner’s of Sex Addicts - The Love, Betrayal, and Beyond (LBB) Information Guide includes education, resources, hope, clarity, convenience, and affordability that can be accessed from the comfort and privacy of home.

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Female Sex Addicts

It’s not just men who struggle with sex addiction.  Women may use sex to cope with pain & limiting core beliefs too.  There are man ...

Setting Boundaries.

Boundary setting is about recognizing your values, needs and wants are important.  Boundary setting is not about punishing anyone.  When w ...

Signs & Symptoms of Betrayal Trauma

Betrayal Trauma …is the kind of trauma in which a person feels betrayed by the very person (or people) he or she trusts and depends on ...

The Difference Between Using and Misusing Marijuana

With the recent legalization of Cannabis (also known as marijuana, pot, weed, ganga etc.) in Canada it’s a good time to have a discussion ...

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Education, Understanding and Healing for Partners of Sex Addiction.

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