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  • Signs & Symptoms of Betrayal Trauma

    Betrayal Trauma …is the kind of trauma in which a person feels betrayed by the very person (or people) he or she trusts and depends on.  As a result of this type of betrayal, some tell tale signs will appear. More specifically, disc ...

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  • 10 Ways to Practice Self Care

    1️⃣ Lower Your Expectations If you have recently discovered that your loved one is a sex addict … it usually comes with the discovery that they have been doing a whole bunch of things that have shocked & shattered your heart. We d ...

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  • What Does Sex Addiction Discovery-Recovery Look Like?

    Healing looks and feels different for each of us.   Have you ever experienced the death of a loved one?  The feelings associated with discovering that your partner is a sex addict can be quite similar.  Many partners report feeling like ...

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  • Dear 10 Year Old Self

    Dear 10-Year-Old Self

    Dear 10-Year-Old Self, Although I know that we can’t turn back the clock, I am writing this note to you from my 44-year-old self, hoping that we can turn around our thoughts and feelings. You are a clever girl but are not aware of how ...

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  • Is your partner a sex addict?

    Is Your Partner a Sex Addict?

    Is your partner a sex addict? Have you just discovered something on your partner’s cell phone or computer? Maybe you found a secret email address with messages, chats, and pictures that have shocked and shattered you to your core.  Have ...

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